The 47 Echo Universe



September, 2018: A nuclear device detonates on the sixth floor of the Aon Center in downtown Los Angeles. U.S. Government investigators place the blame on North Korea.

October, 2018: A joint Navy SEAL/Army Delta Force team enters North Korea to track down the alleged mastermind of the Los Angeles attack. The team is ambushed, and North Korea broadasts the captive team leader to the world media, condeming the U.S.' "illegal incursion to the soverign state of North Korea."

October, 2018: China cuts off diplomatic ties with the United States. All Americans living in China are ordered to return.

October, 2018: Chinese forces invade Russia, while North Korean forces overrun South Korea with Chinese air support. Approximately 45% of the Russian military join up with Chinese and North Korean forces.


November, 2018: American military forces land in Russia at the request of the remaining Russian government.

November, 2018: The U.S. Congress passes the Convict Conscript Act by a 58% majority.

December, 2018: The first Convict units land at Staging Area November in Siberia.

March 2019: Nick Morrow is coded 47 Echo 1153, and assigned to Marine Convict Unit 47 Echo.

March 2019 - July 2019: The events of the book 47 Echo.

May 2021: The events of the book Supercritical.



Prewar satellite image of Taizhou Military Installation